Michael Crossey

For the first ten years of my life I lived in west Belfast with my grandparents. Back then no one thought further than getting through secondary school, nor even going on to university for than matter. If anyone on our street did, then we thought of him or her as a god. What was more, I never expected to leave Ireland to travel the world, let alone making my home in Japan!

Since those early days many sad and funny things happened to me over the years. One of them, if it could be placed in a block, was embarking on what became my mission in life - walking around the main islands (including some lesser ones) that made up the land of the Rising Sun.

This to date has been undertaken over a series of spring, summer, winter, and autumn stages. Stage 1 began in the summer of 2009 from Cape Soya on the most northern point of Hokkaido. Cutting to the chase, I shall return to northern Ibaragi Prefecture where Stage 16 ended. From there I will make my way on foot up and along the main and coastal roads of Fukushima, Miyagi, Iwate, and Aomori Prefectures.

Therefore, for all those eager beavers interested, some of my road-notes and photos (more photos on Flickr) have been uploaded for you to follow.

Yours sincerely, ‘Irishman Walking’

Michael Denis Crossey esq.

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