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  • YoyogiUehara Hatagaya House Rm4

    Shibuya, Tokyo

    Private room ¥48,000 per month

    Fantastic location, near Shinjuku and Shibuya. Just a 6 minute walk to Hatagaya station on the Keio line or 16 min walk to Yoyogi...

    • Rating3.00
    • Min Stay1 month
    • 9
    • TypeMonthly Share House – Private Room
  • Snowbeds B&B Echoland

    Hakuba, Nagano

    Beds from ¥3,900 per night

    With a continental breakfast included in the price, Snowbeds is the best located budget accommodation in Hakuba. Boasting a great atmosphere, it’s just 2 minutes walk to the many...

    • TypeBackpackers/Hostel
  • The Koenji

    Koenji, Tokyo

    Rooms from ¥2,900 per night

    A new guest house with Modern Japanese Design will make you calm and chill out. Koenji town is one of very unique place, old...

    • Min Stay1 night
    • TypeBackpackers/Hostel
  • Apartment Hotel Shinjuku

    Shinjuku, Tokyo

    Private rooms from ¥7,000 per night

    5 minutes walk from the busy Shinjuku station, near Shinjuku National Park, hides APARTMENT HOTEL SHINJUKU, a former Japanese inn, rebuilt in the early...

    • TypeApartment Hotel